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Reviews for Gale Lofts

Posted On: 7/15/2018

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I have lived here for a little over 10 months. I lived in Nashville years ago and needed to find a place quickly when I was offered a job last August. I wanted to be close to work and had always loved the 12 South area. Katherine was very friendly, answered all of my questions and showed me a one bedroom before I had to leave. Once I got back home I decided on Gale Lofts but was worried about the space in a one bedroom loft. Katherine was really great with my requests to measure every room, yes, even the bathroom, in each one-bedroom floor plan. She sent me full measurements so I could get a better idea of where my furniture could fit since I was over 500 miles away and couldn't easily drive back to see it again. That was a big deal and very nice of her to accommodate that kind of request! Moving in was a breeze thanks to the elevator and the community flatbed cart. I'm not sure what I would have done without that flatbed! It's great they offer that and I have used it multiple times. No place is perfect but I really do love living here. Patrick has been amazing with all of my maintenance needs. I'm sad he'll be moving along to a larger community. He was always very friendly and I always felt comfortable with him entering my home whether I was here or not. They're good about giving you notice if they need to enter your apartment to change filters, check fire alarms, etc. They've made some nice changes since I moved in. While I haven't taken advantage yet, it's nice to have a year-round pool. Residents come and go but everyone I have come across has been friendly. There are a lot of dogs in the community which is nice since I have a dog myself. I am in a one bedroom loft style apartment and I love it. The high ceilings are nice. While you can hear some traffic, sirens and the train now and then it's pretty quiet for the most part. I rarely hear my neighbors. I hope this helps and would definitely recommend Gale Lofts to anyone looking to move in.
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